London Living: Healthy Grocery Shopping

It’s easy to shop healthily when you meal plan, and it’s proven to reduce waste, and waistlines. Buuut it’s really hard to a) continuously think up ‘exciting’ quick dinners, and b) it’s really hard to make yourself cook them at the end of a work day, and not succumb to the easy charms of a restaurant or takeaway which is our biggest problem.

To assist in our quest of reducing our waistlines slowly and surely (6 months down and 2.5 Stone lost later!!!) I’ve found myself steering away from restaurant food, pre-cooked and pre-prepared dinners, trying to simplify everything, and cooking from scratch. We have always been fairly healthy cooks, not using salt, butter or oil if we can (unlike the legion of TV chefs), but our search for good food, and good food ideas has taken me into shops I wouldn’t normally consider. Doing this, we’ve found a few gems in London, and have also started to have delivered organic vegetable boxes once a fortnight in order to extend our vegetable palates. I’ve discovered I don’t like Radishes or Celeriac, but adore purple carrots and winter greens.

I’ve been to Wholefoods in Picadilly Circus, and it’s amazing, but it’s really rather expensive. I’ve found one particular gem near work that has half the stock of Wholefoods, at 1/2 – 2/3rds of the price which I’m really fond of.

Until I found the Natural Food Kitchen in Marylebone. This place is amazing. More of a kitchen than a store, it has the most amazing range of gourmet foods and really nice staff. I’m not being comped for this – they probably don’t know who I am, but the purpose of this blog (well, one of them) is to share the things I love about London (…and beyoooond. Sorry, unnecessary Toy Story reference).

This black bean dip was incredibly more-ish, and we paired it with with Sour Cream & Chives Grain crisps. It lasted about 5 minutes.

Mmmmm, blueberries. I probably should have rinsed these, but was starving…

My cold-banishing Green monster – Freshly juiced Carrots, Mango, Spinach, Spirulina & Ginger. I would have gone the traditional Spirulina, Spinach, Banana, OJ & Kiwi, but they had run out of Kiwi. The guy who made it cracked up at me – he said it’s the most random combination he’s made in a while. I ordered if figuring it will probably taste awful, but as most medicine go, will have to be good for me.

The Natural Kitchens own Chilli Jam – bought mostly because everyone who has a foodie blog is raving about it, and I had to try it. Just gorgeous, very sweet with a subtle kick – we served it with Mature cheddar & crackers. Win.


I’ve always loved 2-minute noodles (Maggies’ Chicken – ooooooh), but they are terribly bad for you, so when I saw these, I decided to pick them up & stash them in my desk drawer for a blustery future day.

The Natural Kitchen is found on Marylebone High Street, and with a food bar like the one below, I suspect I may be there a few more times.

Nicked from the Natural Kitchens’ website

What are your irresistable treats? Mine are 2-minute noodles, hot buttered toast and cheese melted on the top of savoury dishes.

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