London Living: Kings Cross/St Pancras

It occured to me the other day, train stations are interesting creatures. They aren’t places that you’d normally go for a visit (unless a trainspotter), they are gateways for large numbers of people walking in, waiting, perhaps browsing then dashing off to their exotic/fun/work destinations. But we rush through them so quickly, and when we do stand there, we are generally staring at the boards wishing away our waiting time that we don’t always get a chance to appreciate the sheer beauty of the buildings holding up the boards.

London has some of the best, and certainly infamous Train Stations. Kings Cross has recently undergone a major revamp, but most importantly, the Hogwarts 9 and 3/4 has been returned to it’s proper home (it had been stuck on an external corner whilst the works were completing.

I quite like the new station, the architectural style of the new overarching waiting area contrasting then with the stunning St Pancras Station across the way..

It’s a lovely place to stand & wait for your train – especially when shooting over to the continent! If  really bored and musically inclined, I spotted this sweet piano!

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