London Living: Tin Pan Alley

There is something primitive about music, the way that it can evoke, echo and enchance your mood.

Every little boy of a certain age’s dream (except maybe the ones who want to
become racing drivers or dancers (aka Billy Elliot) seems to be that they want
to be a rockstar. Travel the world, have loads of girlfriends, create amazing
music. What a life.

Well fellas, you could do worse than take a wander up London’s ‘Tin Pan
Alley’ – Denmark Street in the West End of London, and buy a beauty in wood,
brass or whatever material your heart desires. At night it’s quite cool too,
with a wee music club or two. It’s a great street for window shopping and dreaming.

And for those solo musicians, there is an alley way where bands looking for
a missing player (or two or four we saw on one advert) pop up notices.

What music do you enjoy the most?

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