Childhood Idols

First of all, please let me pay respect to those before us, fighting in the World Wars.

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When I was a lot younger, I was a rock chick, well, more of a rock chick than a pop or hip hop chick, and my flavour band of choice was Evanescence. There was something about a strong female vocal back with clean rock beat that really appealed.

Amy Lee, the lead singer wore an awesome skirt; all the flags of the 42 countries they have toured through.

As a band they are always spot on, playing a variety of new and old hits – their drummer is like animal from the Muppets – and Amy Lee’s voice is always amazing. And that’s not just my inner teenager talking, hubby loves it.

In a lot of ways I hate Amy Lee, she’s beautiful, talented, has an amazing voice…
Oh, except last year I met her and she gave me a hug. Teenage swoon.

This show was the last of the tour, and they finished with a triumphant flourish of the UK Flag, which was a great touch.

The sheer variety of gigs is one of the bonuses of living in London – we generally go to at least a gig a month, but it can be quite dangerous as you get comfortable and miss gigs, saying ‘oh, they’ll come back soon’ and they don’t or they clash with a holiday you’ve taken.

Are you a Rocker, Pop bunny or a Hip Hop lover?

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