Foodie-in-training: Organic vs. Supermarket Vegetables

Coming from a country that has very fresh, very high standards of Fruit and Vege, I’ve never really thought about the Organic Vs. Normal food argument as I have generally known where our vege has come from – at times as close down the road from a friends orchard.

A summer box, nom. I’ll roast you mushrooms, and you pepper, coleslaw the cabbage…

Since we jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon at the beginning of the year, we’e really gotten into vegetables in a big way. It’s silly really, as we both loved vegetables and more often that not (except when calling in a takeaway) it’s just as easy to Roast/Boil/Mash vegetables for dinner.

Doesn’t this Lunch make your mouth water?

What we did tire of swiftly was the monotonous Potato/Carrots/Parsnip/Peas/Brocolli combos. I love ’em, but 4 meals in a row was boooring. Then one day – fate? – we recieved a pamphlet through the mail, and it was a proper ‘bing’ moment – get organic vegetables delivered.

The first box was free, they are much tastier, it’s super easy and we’ll get a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables delivered to our door. The considered health benefits are the cherry (tomato) on top. The company also tells you the day of the week that your vegetables will be delivered in order to reduce carbon and costs for delivery – nice touch.

Purple Carrots anyone?

The element I love the most is the sheer variety we get, pushing us to make more interesting meals, and teaching us about how far we can get with new vegetables. It’s slightly more expensive, but only a tiny bit, and for the easy way in which we get them, worth it.


Romanesco Cauliflower – buzzy, no? Great Roasted

It has worked really well into a routine, we get a bit grocery shop fortnightly, when we get all the basics – Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Chocolate Salad Items etc. and then on the alternate weeks, our vege deliveries come to top us up.

Kohl Rabi, not a clue. Apparently it’s somewhat related to a cabbage.

We’ve had a couple of flumps – we aren’t keen on bitter Kale (which is a shame as it’s like a supervege), Celery, Celeriac (unsurprisingly) or Fennel. Our provider lets us rule out veges we don’t like, so we aren’t delivered them and tries to schedule the boxes providing a variety of vegetables and colours.

This weeks’ Treasure trove of goodies. Roast Beetroot or Chocolate Beetroot Cake?

This week, our box contained; Carrots, Cucumber, Orla Potatoes, Parsnips (all UK), Chard (UK/Italy) & Baby Leaf Salad (Italy), with our surprises of the week – Romanesque Cauliflower (UK) and Kohl Rabi (Not sure, but soon to be in our tummies).

Just how fresh?

What is your favourite way cook/eat vege?
Any ideas how to eat Kohl Rabi?

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