L’Entrecote – Cultish Steak

If you like steak, and you have lived in London for any length of time, the odds are that you will have heard of, if not been to Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte, a steak restaurant not far from Oxford Street, on Marylebone Lane.

Check out that queue!

The basic premise is, they offer one starter and one main only – Walnut Salad and Steak Frites (Entrecote Steak and Chips) and their secret sauce (if you are a vegetarian they do now offer you a second serving of salad and a selection of Cheese) – with a small selection of desserts and drinks.

It’s modelled on their Parisian restaurant by the same name, established 50 years ago, in fact, the decor and waitress uniforms are identical.

It’s good – their secret sauce is delicious, and they keep behind 1/3rd of your steak to keep it warm until your table has finished their first 2/3rds. They then bring it out with another huge portion of fries.

Entrecote Steak is tender and flavoursome, originally cut from between the 9th & 11th ribs making it a premier cut, but now is synonymous with rib-eye steak.

Brilliant for indecisive diners, the only real choice you have is how well you would like it cooked – Blue, Rare, Medium or Well Done – and what to drink. The below image doesn’t really do much for the dish, but it tastes so good.

The restaurant is regarded with almost cultish awe, and I have to say it is good – much better than some of the franchise Steak houses – the secret sauce was superb and the fries fantastic. I’ve been spoiled by Goodmans choices and knowledge though, which overall was better for me, and not too much more expensive.Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte is good – but go early as they don’t book tables and the queues are normally around the corner.

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