London Living: Jack the Ripper

The scourge of the Victorian London underclass, Jack the Ripper holds fascination for many people.

Infamously there are many permutations of the tale, with no single person pointed out., many assume Jack the Ripper stopped commiting his crimes due to imprisonment for another crime, institutionalisation, or emigration putting and end to his spree.

There are a variety of ways in which to explore London’s gruesome past, including walking tours. But be warned, some of the walking tours take you to multi-storey carparks, on the site of the Victorian haunts.

There is a pub not far from Liverpool Street Station that was reputed to be a haunt of two of the victims – the Ten Bells is a busy, buzzy pub; they make a mean Gin & Tonic, have psychedelic bathrooms and hollah their food orders to the kitchen through the floor during the day.

The blue and white tiling on the walls is beautiful – see the second (terrible) photo of this post, and the pub has had a cameo in From Hell, the movie and in Jamie Olivers’ series ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’.

Gotta love East London.

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