London Living: Photography Walks

London is a tourist’s dream. Every corner you seem to go around contains yet another British Icon.

According to our guide, this was my best pic, and I ‘won a prize’ for it. Still waiting for my cheque Mr!

It’s funny, when you come to London with more of a long term stay planned, you might do a few of the touristy bits, then settle into your 9-5, and the symbols become old hat. Catching a double-decker bus, while fun to begin with, can become a hassle especially when you’re running late, and all the double deckers aren’t the ones that you want.

To this end, a friend and I decided to do one of the many photographic walks offered around Central London. Our guide was a proper South London character, arriving fresh from ‘aving it large’ (a really good night in normal English) but he really knew his stuff.

For the most part, I enjoyed wandering off and taking random photos more than the shots he guided us to. Such a rebel (mostly without a cause, definately without a clue at times!)

It was a 2.5 hour walk, and took in some of the most important Landmarks.

I’ve already done one course before which was great to get me started to understand my camera (I have a baby camera – it has limited manual capabilites, nothing as good as a DSLR).


He did help me realise how to use the Manual function better on my camera, and I took some cool shots fully in Manual mode, and got quite excited later in that day.

We also came across my first golden postbox – painted in honour of the Olympians who won gold medals during the Olympics/Paralympics.

However, some of the shots he told us to take turned out awfully, and only with quite a lot of image manipulation got something decent which was annoying.

^ His photo with my camera. Really?

We enjoyed it nonetheless, coming away with a better understanding of our cameras, some great touristy shots & got to have a bit of fun with photo editing software. I don’t usually use it bar a bit of cropping, but it was fun to play.

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