Talking, Eating, Laughing, Supping

I think one of the greatest joys in life can be had sitting around a table. Whether it be a kitchen table with a cup of tea, a country pub with a pint, or a posh restaurant with a glass of something lovely, it’s one of my favourite places.

The ebb and flow of conversation, punctuated with refreshment breaks to top up your beverage of choice. My favourite (believe it or not) is icy water, with a slice of Lemon. Close second is probably a cocktail, then glass of white wine (NZ of course!)

We we out in a group of 7 last night, celebrating a friends birthday; and it was lovely (better than a hotel chain restauraunt we celebrated our anniversary in on Thursday, which should by reputation should have been a lot better). Please excuse the quality of photos – the light level was very much set at ‘moody’ which was great, but hard to take any decent pics. That, and I was too busy talking.

Our reciept was more than 12 inches long. That is a good night.




We also celebrated the birthday in a beautiful London pub called The Golden Lion, which has had a pub onsite since 1762. I Love London.

In London you really are spoiled for choice of places that are delicious. There are so many restaurants, pubs, cafes, sandwich shops and everything in between, it’s no real surprise that an article recently came out interviewing young people who no longer cook, just eat out in the capital spending all of their disposable income on the newest fandangled eatery.


Where is your favourite place to gather?

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