Wales: The All Blacks, a road trip, and some daffs – sorry, Taffs.

Kiwis are synonymous with our love of rugby, the All Blacks, and Sheep. Lets forget about the Sheep thing for now, and concentrate on the two we are the most proud of.


Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium was simple magnificent. Twickenham is fun, but shows it’s age.



Some Kiwi fans like to wear buckets on their heads… whilst the Taffs like to wear Daffodils, Leeks, Goals and Dragons. It’s definately a manly game though. 




We lucked in with great seats and the atmosphere was incredible.

beginning with an electric Haka;

Oh, hai Ma’a

It was fairly cold…


 But brilliant nonetheless.



The mighty All Blacks. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them 3 times, each time in Twickenham playing a variety of teams. They are a force to be reckoned with, but at times can be a little nerve-wracking (read: the world cup we’ve just won.)

The Welsh held their own with some pretty good defending, and it’s more than was expected of the them. The fans were fantastic; excited, vocal, great singers, fun and had a great sense of humour. In fact, one of their daffodils was a friend of our, dressed head to toe in All Blacks gear, with a bright yellow Daffodil hat!

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