As I write this, 2012 is over in New Zealand, and people all over the world are coming to this realisation, with probably a good percentage of them are in the process of getting drunk… View Post

In keeping with the general festive season’s indulgences and general misbehaviour, my partner-in-crime and I – whilst at the Tower of London, of all places – discovered these little beauties whilst being funnelled through the… View Post

Priceless Diamonds & Sapphires, Murder, Kings, Queens, 1000 years of history, Ravens, Torture & Beefeaters. I’m not sure how to do the Tower of London the justice it quite deserves in my woeful prose, or indeed… View Post

Before January Resolutions Kick-in, and everyone detoxes from the Christmas/New Years festivities, I’m going to sneak one last treat recipe in. Lolly Cake.   This is a New Zealand institution, and I can almost guarantee… View Post