Gumbo Tales – Reading Recommendation

I heart this book. It makes me want to dash to the airport, get on the next
plane for America, and sit on a veranda with a Sazerac in one hand and an
Oyster Po-Boy in the other.

You really feel the love the author has for her adopted home. She charts the
necessary settling in period, almost marking each milestone by developing her
journey through each main dish she feels is special to New Orleans. She takes
us on a journey through a variety of dishes including Gumbo, Turduken, Crawfish catching and the ubiquitous Red
Beans and Rice, with many stops and amusing diversions. The only one I know
that she missed was Jumbalaya which is a shame.

“By eating in New Orleans, continually asking questions about eating in New Orleans, obsessively reading about eating in New Orleans, and writing a weekly column about eating in New Orleans, I had created a comfortable world in which it looked and felt as though I were really doing it—becoming one of them, a New Orleanian. But my rusty cast-iron skillet told a different truth. I was like those expats who eat France out of Camembert and croissants but continue to read Satre in English. In Louisiana, cooking is a foreign language. It was time to step up.”

Gumbo Tales: Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table Sara Roahen

It’s not a recipe book, more of a book about “food porn”. It does contain some good tips though, tried and trialled by the author. I’ve started to plant the seed with hubby for a holiday, one day.

(I also had a giggle – my Sister-in-Law and I’s favourite restaurant game is
spot the typo – they got the authors name wrong on the back cover of the book.
I’m petty, and not proud, but it did make me giggle. I know I’m terrible for it
too – spot the spelling mistakes in blog posts make me cringe. Sorry for the
wandering Segway.)

If you like food, travel, escapist reading, America, music, or any and all
of the above, this is a wonderful read. She extensively researched original recipies,
modifications, and controversies which provide a really interesting
counterpoint to her own journeys and experiences. It’s also heartbreaking as
she updates the book following Hurricane Katrina’s devestation to the

I want to try a Snowball, King cake & Ya-ka-Mein.

Anyone know of a good New Orleans flavoured restaurant in London?
If not, dinner might be quite expensive one night.

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