Christmas Overload

I just wanted to take a little breather, a cup of Tea and a Mince Pie, and have a natter. I love Christmas and the silly season. It’s a recent discovery as I always used to dislike the commercial side of Christmas, but in recent years I’ve discovered that anything is what you make of it.

If you enter something with a positive mindframe, the odds are that you are going to enjoy yourself. Perception is so important.

This year has been an important year – family, friends, settling, all of these things seeming to take on the importance that they are due.

Christmas is a celebration of this –  maybe I have rose tinted spectacles on, but it really should be a time for catching up with everyone you love – life is so busy day-to-day it’s nice that there is a time of year essentially put aside for celebrating those you love.

Sure, there is a gross/dark commercial side to the holiday season, but when else do you spend as much time thinking about your loved ones, bar at Christmas when out shopping for a present that they may enjoy? At the end of the day, there should be no obligation when present giving – if you don’t have expendable income (and let’s face it, in this day and age, who does have much?) something thoughful and sweet is enough to convey that you love the person you’re giving to.

We are definately having a festive Christmas season, and I’m getting very excited with getting our Tree today. It’s a bit later than planned, but who cares.

It’s also the season of whimsy – everyone just seems to be a little bit more unbent. I just wish that it could be like this all year – or maybe it is, but we don’t take the time to notice it?


Have you reached a Christmas overload this year? Have you done your shopping yet?

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