Desert Island Discs

Your task – should you accept it – is to choose 6 books, 6 songs and 6 movies which you would like to take with onto your desert island … plus one “luxury item” which may not be a means of escape or communication or a living creature.  You do get:


Sufficient food and water
The Complete Works of William
Whatever Religious book you would care to follow
A gramophone (or CD player in this day and
A Video and TV with which to play movies


Off the top of my head I think I would choose;

6 Books:
The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern – Beautiful and dreamlike it’s a wonderful escape.
The Twilight Saga Omnibus, Stephanie Meyer (is that cheating?) – Yes, I’m a little bit of a Twihard, it’s a guilty pleasure that I enjoy re-reading occasionally.
The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett – This is a childhood favourite of mine, I wonder why is came to mind?
A guide to tropical plants – It always pays to be prepared on a Desert Island.
War & Peace, Leo Tolstoy – It’s a life goal to read this baby, and let’s be honest,being marooned on a Desert Island with no real distractions is probably the best time to read it.
The next book in whatever series I’m reading at the time.

6 Songs – This one is really hard:
The Spirit of Radio, Rush – To remind me of my husband.
Eye of the Tiger, Survivor – Reminding me to never give up
What You Want, Evanescence – Brilliant Rock song I can’t get enough of at the moment.

Broken, Seether feat. Amy Lee – Beautiful rock duet.
Hope (the long version), Fat Freddy’s Drop – The perfect summer jam by an awesome Kiwi band. Perfect for sitting under a Palm tree.
Small World, Roddy Frame – I love this song, and would love to have the time to the singing timings right.

6 Movies
Robin Hood, Men in Tights – The funniest movie ever.
The Second Twilight Movie – I just loved it.
Memoirs of a Geisha – for the sheer stunning cinematography.
Airplane – The second funniest movie ever.
Lord of the Rings – to remind me of NZ & because I was an extra in it (my 15 second claim to fame).
Silence of the Lambs – I’ve not seen it in a long time, but I would like to again.

An acoustic guitar would be my luxury item – I always wanted to learn to play it properly, I could try charming the locals, write songs, use the strings for fishing wire if I ran out of food, and could use it to collect water, or a weapon in case of danger.

I must admit I’m not very good at these ‘favourite lists’ for instance favourite foods the answer tends to be “Er,” and whichever one I fancy at that given moment.


I would love you to leave your picks in the comments section below, or link to a post in your own blog, also in the comments section.

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