Living London: Father Thames

The Thames is the lifeblood of London, the reason it exists (Londinium, the original Roman settlement was started here because of the need for fresh water), supplies our drinking water and is a tourist attraction all of it’s own – think of the beginning sequence of East Enders.

Random fact: It’s the biggest river entirely in England. You’re welcome.

It’s not really surprising then, to see how London life revolves around the River, to the the extent that people get up at 4am to go rowing in Barnes. They are certainly dedicated, might be a tiny bit crazy but it’s probably a great way to work off a hangover.



We stumbled across a boat race of at least 500 participants on our way to see a friend, and couldn’t believe the sheer amount of people out on the River.




Apparently now, the Thames is so clean, that there are Freshwater Salmon in there.



I love the beautiful bridges that span the river in so many places, key links in the transport infastructure.

Sorry a bit of a wandering post, but that was our morning and we couldn’t believe the beauty.

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