The Tower of London

Priceless Diamonds & Sapphires, Murder, Kings, Queens, 1000 years of history, Ravens, Torture & Beefeaters.

I’m not sure how to do the Tower of London the justice it quite deserves in my woeful prose, or indeed within the length of a blog post. If you are an anglofile, a history buff, love london, a fan of knights, like your history with a side of gore, want to be a princess, love jewellery… go. Schedule a half day, and go.

Did I mention that the British Crown Jewels reside here? They are stunning.

Did also I mention you can buy a suit of armour here? The perfect gift for the man who has everything.

One of the reasons why I love London – the old nestled with the new.

The obligatory Raven pose shot;


It is around £20 for an adult to go (at the time of writing) but if you use the trains, Days out Guide often runs 2 for 1 specials, subject to you having used the train services (not OysterCard), providing proof of ticket and you have to print out a wee sheet.

Much, much more historical and opening information can be found here. They also do ‘the Ceremony of the Keys‘ which has been performed nightly for 700 years (you book this in advance by writing).

I’d strongly advise you go early in the day to try beat the crowds, or go like we did on a miserably grey day.

How are you spending your Christmas/New Year break, or are you having to work? I can’t believe how quickly it’s going past.

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