Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I love the green and red glitter explosion that is Christmas. There is just something in me that loves it – maybe it’s a lack of a Y chromosome?

As a Kiwi on the other side of the globe, Christmas was really different. Instead of going up to a Bach at the beach (a small holiday hut/house) or putting up a Marque/Tent in the backyard, it’s cold, gets dark really early and we’ve had quite a few White Christmasses.

It’s really lovely, to have a cold Christmas; egg nog, chestnuts, roast dinner & scurrying out of the cold.

Christmas Trees via the Train, gotta love life in the UK!

Over the years I’ve amassed a few Kiwi ornaments that we nestle amongst their English and European counterparts, we have picked up over the years.

Christmas tree ornamentation is rooted in a German tradition; the evergreen tree represents eternal life as it stays green all year. Candles or lights are now placed to represent “that Christ is the light of the world”. We place a star on top to remember the star in the east, or an angel to represent our guardian angel, or the angel that appeared to the shepherds.




Hubby and I have started a tradition of picking up an ornament every year, so we will end up with a Tree full of memories.



What are your Christmas Decorating Traditions? Popcorn Strings, find the Pickle (a German tradition), home baking?

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