The 32nd Annual Christmas Pudding Race

What better way to start the silly season than watching a Christmas Pudding Race, held for Cancer Research in Covent Garden?

The relay/obstacle race track included a balloon Limbo, giant Jigsaw, letters to Santa, a blow-up slide, hanging baubles on the tree, a snowy Chicane and a balloon Limbo that needed to be popped by the Ivy on their Pudding. All whilst balancing a precarious plate of pudding on a tray.


Last years winners with their mascot and, er, the queen…


My personal vote for the best dressed goes to… Christmas Dinner, complete with actual Brussel Sprouts on her Brussel Sprout costume!



Santa and his Reindeer Crew look cute,


…but below their velour exteriors really mean business!



The racetrack was very able demonstrated by two of the ‘unsigned’ X-Factor boys & a tenor from La Boheme (So sorry, I didn’t catch any of their names, but they were very good singing later).



Ever seen a Turkey, Batman and a group of rowdy Elves do a Zumba warm-up to “Hot hot hot”? There is nothing in the world quite like it.



Aaaaaaaand they’re off!



Absoloute hats off to the contestants – it was absoloutely freezing, and a large group of them came up on the first train from Nottingham. Absoloute Kudos guys! Well worth all of the effort for the amazing fundraising.

Next year, I’m there, hopefully with a team if I can convince my friends & workmates. It’s for SUCH a good cause – such a good cause, it got me doing a 5k earlier this year. This year I only learned about the pudding race 2 days before the actual race, much to my chagrin.

Please donate if you can, they are saving lives, and it’s a cause dear to many peoples hearts, including mine.

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