The Forties Tea Room

Nestled in the some what unusual location of an Uxbridge mall in Zone 6, The Forties Tea Room/Farm Shop is lovely. I’m starting to tire of bland samey chain coffee houses, and when meeting a friend on maternity leave, I secretly hoped that the chain coffee house we had arranged to go to, would be full.

My stars must have aligned (or the cold wintery weather pushed everyone inside) and with the chain full to bursting, I managed to sneak in the suggestion of The Forties Tea Room.

It had everything my little vintage enjoying heart loves – pretty mismatched teacups and saucers, teapots and wood furniture, big fluffy scones and a good sized light-bites menu.

The double front cafe and shop has been set up to raise money for the RAF Bomber Command Memorial and Maintenance Appeal, which only makes future excuses to pop in easier to wrangle.

(Excuse the poor photo – too busy scoffing. I’m glad we went hungry)

It’s really hard to pin down a favourite aspect; the cake platters loaded with slabs of cake, the wooden dresser housing the china, the great service, the bunting, the ‘war’ themed menus, the tea made with traditional tea leaves. No wait, it’s the enormous scones (plain, sultana or cherry) served with clotted cream and Jam which stole my heart, followed by my take home slice of Bread Pudding.

To my surprise, even the tube Station has quite a cool character.

Now, the only temptation I need to resist is going back to clear out the Farm Shop & adjoining gift store. With no website for directions, you just need to head out of the Tube Station (the entrance straight ahead exiting the train), and head towards the Pavilion Shopping Mall.

It’s nicely busy; a good level hubbub giving it a nice atmosphere, but service was fast even when it picked up. Did I mention it was also really well priced? Go.

What is your preferred style – Modern or Mismatch?

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