The Porterhouse, a Silver Lining

Yesterday was a hard day. England played a smashing game against our sub-par All Blacks, who seemed to have lost their spark.

The only silver lining to the day was discovering a new pub in the heart of London – in actual fact near the considered ‘centre of London’ – random fact, all distances measured to/from London are started at Charing Cross (sorry, small London geek out there).

(Please excuse the grainy pics, it was a dark winters day and I only had my phone to hand)


It’s called The Porterhouse, and I swear it’s been poured straight from the pages of Steampunk. Such a fascintating winding pub, full of nooks and crannies and ledges. Split over 12 levels, they also make their own beer in Dublin.

The walls are decorated with bottles of beer from all over the world and the whole set up is quite amazing. Go early though, as it does get rammed at night, showing it’s popularity. It’s about the usual central London pricing, depending on what you’re drinking.

Alls I know, it was cozy, got very very busy & was full of very happy England Rugby fans, and some very subdued New Zealand fans.


Well done England, well played.

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