A Foodie Enigma – London Cheesecake

As a foreigner, there are a lot of things I’ve happily adapted to, living in the UK. At the end of the day; new country, new rules. But, this is one thing I can’t quite understand.

It’s a lovely, very naughty sweet bakery treat – buttery layers of pastry, jam, icing and coconut. But I couldn’t find any ‘Cheese’ in the Cheesecake. And I ate a whole one to make doubly sure.

After some quizzing of the baker, and some intensive Internet research (fuelled by aforementioned taste testing of the slice), the answer is… no one seems really sure whyit’s named as a Cheesecake. All they know is that you only really find these in London and go down well accompanied by a cup of Tea.

– Unique to London, the recipes are handed from Mother to Daughter and only a few larger companies mass-make these

– They seemed to hit the height of their popularity as a lunchtime pastry in the 1960’s

– Traditionally they are circular, with a drop of Jam or Frangipane paste in the centre below the Icing

– The Cheese reference may have been a reference to a curd which may used to have been put into them

– They have their own Facebook Page

Well, whadda know.

Have you tried a London Cheesecake, or would you go for a traditional Cheesecake?


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