Easy Squeezy Mojito’s

On Saturday I was a bit pushed for time due to a complete lack of my own organisation, but we came out with a lovely tasting Mojito that I thought I’d share. It was like sitting on a beach in Summer sunshine (I did play some beach sounds on Youtube before I was made to turn them off…)

There is something that just says ‘Summer’ to me about a Mojito, the fragrant Mint, the sharp Lime and the Rich Rum.

Homemade cocktails can be really easy, and really fun to make – Mojitos don’t even need a cocktail Shaker. Another bonus is you can personalised them to how you like drinking them; more Lime, less Mint, a touch more Sugar. Just go easy on the Rum when pouring at home m’kay?

After much experimentation I found this is my favoured ratios;

(Monopoly) Mojitos

Ingredients for 1 Mojito:

10 hand ripped Fresh Mint Leaves
2 tsps Lime Juice (or half a squeezed fresh one)
1.5 Tbsps Sugar Syrup
2 Tbsps Rum
1/2 glass of Crushed Ice

  1. Stir & top to 3/4 of the glass with Soda Water, or unfizzy water (which I prefer).
  2. Garnish with plain or sugar encrusted Mint.
  3. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Ahhhh, lovely.

Mojito, Daquiri, Cosmopolitan or a Margarita?

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