Hello 2013

We must have been crazy, but we did it – celebrated New Years in Central London. Our plans were originally for a quieter New Years Eve, but due to illness we have postponed plans until another weekend. Instead, we were tempted into going out in London to play and see 2013 in with Fireworks.

They were utterly sensational.


Armed with ‘some Recipe’ (Mocha Hot Chocolate laced with Bourbon, please excuse The Waltons reference) to ward off the chill, we arrived early, made crowd friends with some lovely Canadians and settled in.

Sadly, we were unable to see the friends who tempted us out, due simply to the crowd swamping but from all reports they had a fantastic time as well.

Around 10pm a live DJ came on, amping the crowd and good spirit with some awesome tunes until the countdown began.

The show was fantastic; a fantastic mashup of 2012, music, the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee which the fireworks were set to.

London, you have done yourself absoloutely proud. BBC have put up a Youtube Video of the Fireworks which can be found here.

Absoloutely Magnificent.

Once finished getting through the crowd was awful, but we knew it would be awful and simply took our time. We ended up walking to our train station and were home by 3am, fast asleep by 3.07.

Walking through London at that time of the morning was very strange – it’s normally so busy with traffic and people, but to find ourselves walking through Bloomsbury, passing the British Museum in the dark there is a beautiful quiet, interspersed with the occasional drunken yelling.

What a way to see in the New Year.

Happy New Year!!

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