Sometimes, you just have to spoil yourself…

With this in mind, off I trotted to a local foodstore with the aim to try something new. Something decadent, something fun and overall something delicious!

My Menu for the evening ended up being;

Samurai Brown Rice Crackers, Raw Beetroot Hummus & Coulommiers Mon.

The Raw Beetroot Hummus was delicious – normal Hummus doesn’t last long in our house, and this was no exception. Much softer than normal Hummus, this is definately going onto my ‘to make’ list – I bet it’s easy & I have beetroot on hand. Stay tuned! The Coulommiers Mon was delicious too; a sort of Camembert that’s left to mature longer & comes out with a stronger flavour. The nice cheeseman looked a little frightened after he recommended it and I snatched it out of his hand… The Brown Rice Crackers? A bit tough to be honest, but then they are Samurai crackers!


Beef & Guinness Shortcrust Pie, Apple Chutney, (Ketchup for variety) and Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. The planned vegetables didn’t quite make it.

McDonalds who?



Dark Chocolate Sea Dog with Lime and Sea Salt.

And then the piece de resistance. Oh me oh my, this was incredible. Opening the pack you get a smart whiff of freshly squeezed Lime, the satisfying snap of of Dark Chocolate, then the bitter delicious dry taste of good quality chocolate, and an aftertaste of Lime and Salt. One happy girl! It went down surprisingly well with the Sauvignon Blanc.


Back with proper blog posts in the coming days, I’m sorry it’s been a bit patchy – the weather has just been so bleurgh it’s hard to find things to get excited about, and the light has been atrocious.


Did you know the origin of the phrase piece de resistance is “What one is able to resist by eating the big dish—pangs of hunger”. I’ll leave that with you to mull over.

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