Taste Testing Sweets: The Gobstopper

I felt a little like one of the kids in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You know, the cool, crazy Gene Wilder movie (not the more recent Johnny Depp one, those Oompa Loompas were just creepy). A plethora of sweets to choose from, how does one pick?

Disclaimer: In this instance I was a given samples to try by The Gobstopper, but my (many) opinions
are only ever my own.

In the end from their extensive online list I picked a couple of items that took my fancy – their Gobstopper (I’ve never tried one and couldn’t resist) and Coal Dust Powder, then asked them to surprise me and pick a couple of items from their Retro Packs.

They really didn’t disappoint.

Arriving to my work, the box was immense, and filled with a real variety of sweets that my colleagues and I took great pleasure in trying out. One of my colleagues nicked the Dib Dabs (Flavoured Sherbert and a Lollipop you dip in) and got a little (unexpectedly) misty eyed at the childhood recollections – she used to buy them with her Brother. The packing was really sweet as well, from the stamped box to the sweet bags tied with ribbon, it would make a really sweet gift.

Everything else was tried over the morning, starting a fantastic sugar rush also meaning that we got loads of work done which is a nice bonus (and a lot of giggling).


We enjoyed the Fudge (Chocolate and Vanilla) with a lovely brew (props for the great sized mug) before I was dared to try the gobstopper. I refrained until I got home – it’s half the size of an adults closed fist!

Completely new to me were the Coal Dust Crystals. Essentially Sherbert, they taste subtly of Aniseed and Liquorice. Oh my.



Favourite item? It has to be the Fudge. Rich and creamy it was delicious.


We really liked the packaging as well – the sweet bags tied with ribbon decorated with the store logo, the retro stamped cardboard box and the plethora of straw packaging keeping everything safe.


Hubby and I didn’t fancy sugar coated almonds for our Wedding favours as is traditional, so we opted for a more personalised mixture of our favourites; Chocolate Limes (UK), Minties (NZ) and a small personalised chocolate with our names and the date. I’m just sad we didn’t know about these guys – I spent HOURS scouring the net for Chocolate Limes!


Their website is very cute – when their Sweet Tobacco comes back in stock, I’ll be there!


What is your favourite childhood sweet?

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