Tastes of the East Midlands – Foodie Penpal February

This month, not only did I receive an amazing Transatlantic parcel, but I was shamelessly spoilt by my lovely Penpal Jax, based in the East-Midlands.

For a long time, Britain has had a bit of a dodgy reputation when it comes to the gourmand side of life, but I defy anyone to recieve a box such as this, and say that things haven’t changed.

Let me begin with the Salami. Made by the Suffolk Salami Co. it’s made on their family farm from home reared pork. It’s especially important with ‘horsegate’ going on at the moment to know what is in your food – and it’s delicious. Rich, spicy – perfect. We used in in a scrumptious Black Bean casserole & as antipasti.

Fact for the day courtesy of the Suffolk Salami co.: The word Salami comes from the Italian “salare” meaning to sale. The Roman Legionnaires were often paid with salt, hence the word salary which also comes from “salare”. They then used the salt to make salami.

An item missing from my later pics you’ll notice are the honey oaties. They were scrumptious! Kindly handmade by Jax, they were the best biscuits we’ve eaten in years, and we’ve eaten a few. Accompanying a hastily made cup of tea (we decided we should really have an excuse to rip into them) we quite simply demolished them. There is something so much more delicious about homebaking. I also got the recipe for them. Yus!

The only truffle oil made entirely in England.

Fantastic. Just brilliant – I’ve been enjoying dabs of this on my eggs, and in wild Mushroom soup.

Then we have the Three Chilli Jam. How can you resist it, and with an ingredient list like the one below? No preservatives, no chemicals, no nasties. It has quite the kick to it. Hubby in particular has been delving into this, accompanied by some good English Mature Cheddar and crackers.

Last but not least, I really have enjoyed the apple and ginger juice. I’ve love that you are home brewing Cider – good luck and enjoy 🙂

Thank you Jax, I can’t quite believe your generosity and thought put into this parcel; and it absolutely showcases some of the best of British (and the East-Midlands). My penpal Allison sent me a really kind email when she got her box, saying she enjoyed hers.