Updating my 101 in 1001 Goals

Sometimes you need to shake things up, update and change the status quo. I’m not thinking anything life changing – don’t worry, this Kiwi isn’t giving up chocolate, moving to another country, or going to live on a house boat).

Specifically I think my 101 in 1001 goals need a shakeup. Some of the goals were kinda place fillers, some I’ve completed and they weren’t amazing and some I’m just plain bored of.

Goals? Our wee cat certainly doesn’t forward plan.
Except when her bowl becomes a little emptier than she likes…

To go into the list:

– Attend a Dawn service on ANZAC day or visit Gallipoli
– Cross off 15 new foods tried to the HowFoodieAreYou? list
– Visit all the Oranges and Lemons Churches – in progress
– Pat a Lion or big Cat
– Visit the Crooked Pub
– Go to Paris for Lunch

To come out:

02. Participate in

14. Begin drawing again
27. See the All Blacks
in Twickenham

62. Cook an entire Cookbook
64. Make Vanilla Rum & Skittle Vodka
95. Write a “day in the
life” blog post

It’d be so easy to forget about these goals, but you, my lovely reader are keeping me honest, and on track. Having sat down and looked at all of these goals, progress surprisingly isn’t bad, I’m on target 25% done, in 26% of the time gone.

Goals are great, but it’s also good to have mid-point review and reassess of how things are going. Time to get things moving!

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