Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl

A traditional of Kiwis living in London is the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl. 27 pubs, 1 at each of the 27 stops of the Undergrounds Circle Line. It’s (allegedly) known as one of the most famous pub crawls in the world and this date is particularily special to London and abroad Kiwis – Waitangi Day considered New Zealand’s National Day (more on Waitangi Day later in the week, stay tuned!)

If you ever happen to be in London around the 6th of February, feel free to dig out a connection to NZ (or just a couple of beers!) and join in, the atmosphere is Ka Pai (good), beer is warm(ish) and the laughs are plenty!!


Sheep strolling down to Sloane Square. As you do.

I suspect most Londoners don’t really know what’s hit them, but by all reports everyone represents New Zealand well – we are by and large a peaceful nation, and it reflects here. 4,000 costumed drunken Kiwi’s rampaging London equals bemused Police, no arrests, a bit of litter cleaned up by arranged cleaning vehicles, a run on Pies & Kebab shops and a lot of sore heads today.

I told you Kiwis have a special love of Lolly Cake!

I’m totally undecided as to my favourite costumes; the Sheep, the Farmers, The Weta (a indigenous insect pictured as below posing);


Kiwis dressed as Kiwis crossing a Pelican Crossing…

The Air New Zealand Plane,

The Minties,

The Buzzy Bees,

The bottles of Watties Tomato Sauce (cause you’ll always be a Kiwi if you love your Watties Sauce”)


It was just too much!

The day culminates in a Haka (Maori War Dance) outside the Houses of Parliament & Westminster Abbey at 4pm.


Absoloute kudos has to go to the organisers (I use this word loosely as it’s more of an organism than a iron-clad event), to the awesome police & stewards keeping an eye on proceedings and to the crawlers – you represent the best of New Zealand abroad.

Favourite quote by the organisers: “If you have done the pub crawl in other years you are all aware that the police
are very easy going and get into the spirit of the event – but that is because
we are also good natured enough to not be *****s”

The extent of most of the malarky – the traditional run up a street light;

The police are in complete control and look pretty bemused…again…

My favourite quote from the Police “I’d love to move to New Zealand if this is what you lot are like Drunk. If these were drunk Englishman, there would be much more hooliganism and brawling. You guys are just funny!”

How are you celebrating Waitangi Day?

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