A London Folly; Paleys Upon Pilers (Palace On Pillars)

Whilst wandering Aldgate recently (we found a great little cafe just next to East Aldgate station which I’m keen to revisit) we happened upon a modern folly, the Paleys upon Piers. Cute, no?

A folly is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.” The UK is dotted with them.

Opening at the start of the Olympic Games, Paleys upon Piers is a timber ‘palace’ marking the exact spot of Aldgate, and celebrates Chaucer, Aldgates’ most famous resident. It also acts as a gateway from the City of London to the Olympic Park, which hosted the 2012 Olympics Games (oh how I wish they were still on!)

Designed by StudioWeaver, it was inspired by “by two dream-poems written by Chaucer while resident in the rooms above the gate in the 14th century: The House of Fame and The Parlement of Foules, or Parliament of Fowls.”

These oddities make London for me.

What is your favourite Landmark? It is local or is it global?

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