Brookes Counter & Table: Restaurant Review

This is an old favourite spot from when I used to work locally. I had to return (quality control you know, oh the things we have to do for blogging!) and check that everything was as delicious as before.

How can you say no!?

Happily, Brookes seems to be going from strength to strength if the queues are anything to go by – basically the process seems to be bags a free table, line up, order your coffee/munch/brunch/lunch either from the counter selection of delectable items or from their menu.

The biggest problem I have is deciding what to eat. By the time the queue (which moves fairly quickly) shifts you to the front, I normally have my options whittled down to 3, and hope that 2 of them have been eaten by other people so I don’t have to choose.

I used to lunch here weekly with a friend, I’ve brought hubby here and my discerning Aunt whilst on a pit-stop from her flight to New Zealand to Edinburgh – this is a mark of how tasty it is. Hubby and today’s brunch date, a connoisseur of all things Sausage Roll and meaty declared their Sausage Roll the best they’ve ever tasted(I must remember to get hubby one from the Ginger Pig as they are immensely delicious too!).

I enjoy their Berry Shakes and Eggs Benedict (actually, I seems to have a predilection for Eggs Benedict – maybe I should have a sub-blog and call it ‘Adventures eating Eggs Benedict in London’, not much of a catchy jingle though). It’s much lighter that several other places do, but it was utterly perfect for the wee hangover I was nursing whilst my friend and I gabbled away.

Our favourite lunchtime treat was to wander into Brook’s, get a Sausage roll and a coffe and stroll onto the grass on Brook Green Park in the sunshine. Bliss.

Located in on Shepherds Bush Road in the heart of ‘Brooks Green’ an affluent (Estate Agent named) area tucked between Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush, Brook’s is a local haunt that you wouldn’t nessecarily know about if you weren’t in the know. It’s stuffed to the gills with foodie stuffs (fresh bread, a dairy fridge, RJ’s red liquorice stuff with white chocolate!?) and their counter meals, a lot of them Vege, are truely scrumptious and change daily. It’s not too expensive either.

Futher info can be found on their website. I haven’t been comped & they don’t know who I am, I just wanted to share
the deliciousness.

Oh, hai.


Did I mention Kiwis (that have made it to the end of this post) that the Tesco’s behind has recently started stocking Kiwi and Aussie fare in their ethnic section? Tomato Sauce, K Bars, Tim Tams, Shapes, L&P…



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