Foodie Penpals – The Czech Edition

I love Foodie Penpals, it’s definitely my worst kept secret. This month that adoration hit up a major notch when I was paired with a) one of my first and longest friends here in London and b) the lovely Jade at Wild Pickings whom I sent a box to (she runs a foraging walk business in Wales – why oh why don’t we live closer?)

{Ps. London & UK based foodies, I’ve got a giveaway of Foodie Festival tickets in May, details here!}When we used the box as an excuse to catch up, I also fell in love (sorry puss).

Forget Royal Mail, Puppy Post is THE BEST 

My first taste of proper Europe was spending 10 days in Alena’s hometown of Prague, and it will always have a special place in my heart – between the history, beer, Svickova and friendliness (I’ve found the key in any country is taking the time to learn the phrases: Please, Thank you, and I’m from New Zealand hehehe).

Thank you again Alena, such a lovely and thoughtful foodie package!


My favourite meal whilst in Prague was Svickova; a Czech delicacy of Slow cooked Sirloin, Cream Sauce, bread dumplings and jam; closely followed by Pork Knuckle and Goulash served in a hollowed out loaf of bread that you eat with the Goulash. We’ve found a couple of pubs in London that do the above, but Alena kindly has included Svickova with Pasta (a quick alternative) and Goulash sauce mix. They have been a perfect antidote for the winter weather we are still having.

Did I mention the freshly baked Creme Egg cupcakes which may not have made it home, or even to the Shard later that night?

I received a plethora of goodies including snacks ready for eating; delicious Chocolate Waffles Tatranly, a Chocolate coffee bar Kofila, Kinder Easter Eggs (which lasted all of about 3 seconds) and Cocoa Pudding which I’ve not had a chance to try. I’m intrigued by the Cocoa Pudding as Alena says it has a tangy note to it (much like salted caramel I suspect?)

A few weeks ago they kindly hosted us for dinner, which included homemade cheese balls (below) that we ate with Czech Tartar Sauce Tatarska omacka which is delicious. Lighter than the UK version this is softer and lighter, going perfectly with fish fingers.

Savoury snacks were also on the menu; Smoked cheese that looks like baled hay with a lovely tang Parenica, naughty string cheese Korbacik and Tcinky which are similar to pretzel sticks.

To add to my spice cupboard Alena also included a 7 pepper steak sauce (black, green, white, red, cayenne, jalapeno & sechuan!) and Lovage Libecek a herb that I’ve quizzed her about several times, which she uses in soups. I can’t wait to try them out!

On top of all of this was included a beautiful card, and recipes for the ingredients.

It’s just a shame I couldn’t fit puppy in my bag too!

Alena and I have had quite a few adventures together, and I look forward to the next ones we have in the near future!

Camping during the Olympic Opening Ceremony