Guest Blog – Foodie Penpals February

Foodie Penpals doesn’t just connect bloggers with other bloggers, but also connects us with the other half of the coin – foodie blog readers. This month I sent to Allison, a reader who uses the moniker ChocVeg. (I love the order of her nickname with chocolate taking precedence – definately a lady after my own heart). She has been vegetarian for 30 years and I really enjoyed looking for Allison’s parcel, and having to think outside the ‘meat & 3 vege’ box.

Foodie Penpals is a hobby that combines shoppping + foodie-ness + contacting nice people definately =  a winner (here are a few past boxes).

She kindly did a round up for me.
Here is my February #Foodiepenpals selection from the lovely Kiwi Emma in London.
I hadn’t spotted that the postman had left the parcel sitting on my logs, safe and dry until I came back from a neighbour’s after a glass of wine!  What a lovely surprise and thank you so much Emma!

The box was bursting with goodies, most that I had never seen before in rural England!!

These are very interesting single slices of special breads made in Germany – great for me as I am a keen sourdough bread maker and experimenter, a bar of salt chocolate which is lovely, especially late at night! And Franks flapjack bars. 

These are just the best and are made in Camden in London apparently!  I am not sure if they are widely available, but they are more than a snack, are healthy and lovely with chocolate in them – and so delicious I need a local supplier! Chocolate and dates mmmm!

So onto the healthy things….!  Lovely mango slices – great to snack on during the day, and caramel coffee crackle popcorn which I am waiting for someone to share it with me! (oh yes and rice chips that disappeared very quickly that evening!)

And then even more healthy snacks!  Lovely dried mushrooms which I love, wasabi peanuts which I haven’t ever seen or tried, so another first, and then a popping corn to go in the microwave!  Never seen this before either so will pop it in the microwave when I’ve got a friend round for film night and hope for a laugh!

And to finish, some very useful garlic and chilli cooking paste to keep in the fridge – always useful, and some blood orange and ginger marinade for roast veggies!  Great for vegetarians like me, and can’t wait to try it.

So thank you so much Emma, for this very generous and delicious selection of lovely things!  I hope you also received some great goodies, and maybe some things you have never seen or tried before!

Best wishes,


I’m so glad you enjoyed it Allison, and I love your backsplash! Definately needed in the dready winter-time!

Vegetarian options are getting so much better these days, in fact I bought a few doubles, especially the blood-orange and ginger marinade.