Lunching, with the Queen.

On our lunchbreaks yesterday, a colleague and I decided to pop over to the hopsital where the Royal Family are treated. Mostly to have a nosey and check out the mad paparazzi that lurk outside, hoping to get that million pound image of her Majesty.

We absoloutely lucked in, and I can’t quite believe this, got there just in time to see the Queen in person! She’s the head of the Commonwealth, the lady on the back of our coins and one of the most famous people in the world – and we watched as she left the hospital, and was gracefully ushered into her waiting car. As my colleague remarked “she’s the ultimate Betty, and looks amazing for 87.”

She was “admitted briefly as part of the assessment of symptoms of gastroenteritis” but was feeling much better, so 24 hours after being admitted went home to Buckingham Palace. A lady of steel.

Credit – Sky News

It’s a controversial subject the monarchy; on one hand you have the continuance of the established upper class draining public funds and in the words of a friend “doing almost nothing for their entires lives”, and on the other hand the epitome of what make England special and a massive tourist draw to this island nation.

(These aren’t my photos, but show the amazing view we had – you can’t believe how much we are kicking ourselves to have left our phones at work.)

It’s times like these that I adore living in London. We were literally standing 6 or 7 meters away from her. She was immaculately dressed and very reserved. It’s a little surreal actually. I normally miss her, such as the time we went to Buckingham Palace for tea, but managed to catch a good glimpse of her during the Jubilee celebrations.

It’s been a very exciting few days!

Royal family – yay or nay – tourist attracting titular head or a drain on the taxpayer?

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