Meeting a Celeb: A Street Cat called Bob

London is a regular haunt for A-listers. From movie premieres, eating in the latest nouveau restaurants to living their fashionable London pads, they are practically everywhere. With one celeb though, it’s not the latest Gucci dress release or miracle skin treatment guaranteed to get rid of wrinkles, that will get him out of bed and prowling the streets for his adoring public.

Isn’t he magnificent?

Now, you are either probably rolling your eyes thinking I’m crazy, are already in the know or I’ve managed to pique your interest.

Please may I introduce Bob, and his owner James Bowen. Now an international print success, Bob is a street cat that adopted a recovering drug addict and helped him turn his life around. James became a Youtube hit, then landed a book deal about this special ginger tom – how he was ill, nursed Bob back to health then followed James into town where he was busking one day. Since then he has become a huge hit, their tale attracting a book deal which (according to Wikipedia) has sold 250,000 copies, been translated into 22 languages and spent over 45 weeks at the top of the Sunday Times’ bestseller list.

He regularly accompanies James into town, and as you can see by the first photo, draws an immense crowd, all hoping to catch this unusual pair. Bob is as bright as a button, performing small tricks for treats, happily soaking up the attention and gratefully accepting the treats he is showered with – food and knitted items alike. James’ only thought is for his welfare – keeping Bob from being too crowded, frightened or overfed – he also carefully controls the treats offered to Bab, I suspect to Bob’s chagrin.

Bob’s stardom doesn’t seem to have gone to his head, he was out on a cool Saturday afternoon allowing us to come and say hey – and letting James sign copies of his book on his behalf. I’m told by reliable sources that he still uses his personalised Oyster card to catch the tube to and from home, takes life as it comes and clearly adores James. If Bob doesn’t feel like going out, James leaves him at home – shown by a Tweet from James on Sunday



Not to show off, but I’ve met a few celebs since living in London, and he was by far the most excited I was to meet – and certainly the least demanding. Cat treats, pats and cat milk is all he is bothered about dahrling.

His book is called “A Street Cat named Bob” and is a lovely read. It’s just a sweet story about a bloke, his special cat and hope.

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