(mostly) Wordless Fridays

First of all, happy St Davids day to all my Welsh friends. We love going over, and spent a very enjoyable long weekend in Wales at the end of last year & tripped over to see the rugby recently. Da wales is lush. Fact.

I like to think that this post on a Friday is much like how Fridays should be; enjoyable, relaxing, tying up the week and without too much intellectual strain as it’s so close to the weekend.

This is the feline personification of ‘that Friday feeling’

One thing I didn’t quite count on was how in focus it makes the passing of time – as each consecutive Friday passes, it heightens the awareness of how quickly the year is already going.

I think I have a bit of Donkey on the Edge syndrome. Getting a little concrete-overdose. Networking drinks and talking with the lovely ladies at a very nice Grosvenor Square Hotel with the Ladies in Blogging crew helped.


Back in the gym again for the first time in far too long. It was hard, but afterwards the endorphin rush felt great. I have signed up for a 5k in April with a friend, and a possible second – this will give me a kick to really start working again. 

How could I say no?

Trying a few German breads, and a delicious Finnish Cinnamon roll – more information to come shortly.


Not so sure about this Caesar Salad for two reasons: I was having to hack at the huge shafts of lettuce #saladshouldbeforkable (I’m reliably told that it’s because it was a ‘man’s salad’?) and that a salad shouldn’t really consist of 50% dressing.

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