(Mostly) Wordless Fridays

This really was an astonishingly Kiwi week. When I first came to London I was determined not to do the stereotypical ‘live in a Kiwi/Aussie share house in Clapham/Fulham/Shepherds Bush, get a job behind a bar and drink myself silly’. I did temporarily get a bar job but some things you just have to do when finding your feet



Bar that, my life is pretty Kiwi-free bar the odd goodie box and lamb chop. In the last few months doing this blog though, I’ve rediscovered a lot of old favourite recipes from home, come across some gorgeous places to eat and met some lovely people.


Speaking of Kiwi-ana, is this not the randomest decal in the middle of London?


NZ Whare London


Some lovely handmade treats (recipe soon)


Kiwi treats


Attack of the robots?


 The robots are coming


Does anyone have any idea what a Soursop Guanabana is when it’s at home?


The weather certainly has been horrendous. C’mon London, it’s MARCH already.


I’m going to leave you with a London Castle I discovered on my wanderings, enjoy.

London castles


What is the strangest thing you happened to Stumble upon?


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