Toastie Pies – Kiwi Cooking

Disclaimer: These are really moreish – and health-wise, pretty well just the same as your average sandwich.

I try not to eat too much bread anymore, trying to subscribe to the theory that White Bread is the devil, tempting you with it’s delicious softness whilst providing very little nutrional goodness, but I have to make an exception for these babies. And not eating it often makes it oh-so-much scrummier. The golden crust of the bread, the melty cheesy-ness of the inside combined with whatever bridge ingredient you fancy to accompany your sandwich with – ahhh, carby heaven.

Quite a few people I know have toasted Sandwich makers which they prefer – it gives you more of a sealed in ‘pie’ but I like them a little more melted-cheese-on-toast style. We make ours in the frying pan – you just need to be careful when flipping them over not to spill out the insides.

My ‘technique’ is to lift the sandwich with a cooks’ slice slid under the cooked side, lift the pan up, turn it over the uncooked side of the sandwich and then flip them both. Possibly an overly complicated method, but it works for me!


  1. Heat your pan as high as you can, but not smoking (oh Gas, how I adore thee)
  2. Butter a slice of bread – I prefer a medium slice, hubby prefers a thick (10mm) slice, and place it butter side down on your chopping board
  3. Add topping, then cheese evenly
  4. Butter a second slice, then add to the sandwich butter side out (this is important)
  5. Take by the diagonal corners to the pan
  6. Turn when the butter on the top begins to melt slightly/the underside is golden brown and the cheese is melting. I like mine slightly over golden as you can tell by the above photo
  7. Try to resist a second, I dare you

Ok, so it’s best made with Cheese somewhere contained providing the golden melt factor, but if you also add another filling, a flavour ‘bridge’ if you will, it’s a whole other level;

Kiwi Classic: Creamed Corn
The Italian Job: Tinned Spaghetti (found in the baked bean aisle)
Hawaiian Special: Ham & Pineapple or just Pineapple
Mouse Trap: Ketchup
Ye Olde English: Ham & Chutney or just Chutney
Orchard: Sliced Tomato

Peppers, cooked onion, cooked chicken, chilli… (I could almost list my entire fridge here, you get the idea)

Weird Tropical: Peanut Butter & Banana (sans Cheese). Don’t laugh, it’s actually delicious.

What’s your favourite guilty secret snack/meal – pizza, dessert, fish & chips, curry?

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