Foodie Penpals – April Edition

This month I was matched to send to Sue in Bavaria (Southern Germany) who blogs at Sue in Training, charting her progress from her first 5k and beyond. I in turn was sent a lovely box by Louise blogging at Lone Gourmet (check out her delicious recipes!)

There are always lovely treats inside. Manchester based Louise had a bit of a ‘duff hand’ this month as we’re on a fat burning crusade so our diets are pretty limited which gave her a handicap, but she’s surprised me with a few delicious treats.

I know a good person eats their dinner first, and then their dessert, but I couldn’t wait.

Chorley cakes, where have you been all my life? Their outside is a short pastry which encases a raisin filling. Om nom – well worth breaking the diet, they were calling my name from the cupboard, I’m not really even kidding!

She also included another regional delicacy, creamy Lancashire cheese, and feeling guilty I gave this to a pregnant workmate of mine to enjoy who was having a cheese craving, and she said it’s delicious.

The Harissa I have scheduled in the next few days for a version of Katsu Chicken and the Vermicelli is just awaiting my next stir fry, or maybe I might make an asian style soup. The only problem is deciding just which!

I was also sent some very nice Rooibos tea that I’ve been enjoying as a mid-morning cuppa, and vegetable stock. It’s funny, vegetable stock is something that I’ve always uncertainly eyed up, normally going for a more meaty version, but I tried this the other day in a Mushroom and Asparagus Shepherds Pie, and it was really nice. I almost didn’t miss the meat!

Thank you Louise, it was a lovely box!

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