Fudge Slice Recipe

There is nothing so nice as relaxing with a cuppa and a piece of slice – except when it’s a surprise treat from a good friend and her gorgeous bubbas which is even more delicious. It was so lovely, I asked the lovely Mrs K if she would share her recipe with me and you lovely lot.

It’s a nice subtle slice, and isn’t over sweet – a nice counterpoint to a cup of tea or better yet a coffee.

Fudge Slice

There’s a fudge slice I love from back home in New Zealand. Always bought it with a coffee or at a cafe with my lunch. I love it.

I didn’t realise how easy this was to make so spent an afternoon making it (actually about half an hour) – it was so simple!


1 Pkt Rich Tea Biscuits

125gms Butter

1 TBSP Cocoa

1 Egg

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

  • Crush Biscuits roughly
  • Melt Sugar, Butter & Cocoa slowly in a pot until combined
  • Remove from heat and add the Egg & Vanilla Essence
  • Pour mixture over the crushed biscuits
  • Press into slice tin & refrigerate until set
  • Once set ice with a basic chocolate icing if desired (some prefer without)

I usually double the recipe. It freezes well and great if you have unexpected guests. It defrosts in no time!

I’m not sure if it would make it into the freezer in our home! Thank you again!

What’s your favourite hot drink companion? A simple solid Digestive, a p-p-p-penguin or something more exotic?

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