Homemade Chutneys – Newton & Pott

Homemade Feijoa & Tamarillo Chutneys.

Have I managed to tickle your fancy yet? (most Kiwis reading this blog will be drooling already – you can switch to the bottom of the blog post for details on how to get your mitts on these delicious London babies).

Disclaimer: In this instance I was given samples to try by Newton and Pott, but my (many) opinions are only ever my own and I would never recommend something I didn’t like.

Sunday brunch – Poached Eggs, Roast Beef,  grilled Asparagus and the star of the show, Tamarillo Chutney.

In a bustling Saturday market not far from Hackney, a Kiwi grass-roots business is making a name for themselves amidst the delicious hububb of Eel, Mash & Likker, Indian Curries and the whirr of coffee machines. Newton & Pott (with a very English name), is hand making some very exotic sounding Chutneys with a few ingredients that are more likely to be found in kitchens some 12,000 miles away (and much to my surprise, South America).

Nestled amongst the Red Onion and Tomato & Apple Chutneys holding their own, are some lovely takes such as their Beetroot and Blood Orange, Feijoa Chutney, and my especial (yes, I meant to write especial, oh the childhood memories!) favourite Tamarillo.

Originating from South America, Feijoas and Tamarillos are incredibly popular in New Zealand as they seem to love our climate, and in my opinion are delicious. Both are ‘kind of citrusy’ fruits and if I had to give parallel are sort of similar in texture to Guava’s with Feijoas slightly more citrusy.

The Tamarillo Chutney is soft and ever so slightly tangy – and I decided to try them out as per the chefs suggestion of poached eggs. She really wasn’t wrong. They made a lovely addition to my favourite brunch, their flavour adding a nice piquancy to the (slightly over cooked if I’m honest) eggs and saved the day.

The Tomato and Apple Chutney was delicious in a white bread cheddar and ham sandwich and I think would be delicious on a ploughmans. The Beetroot and Orange I’m saving to accompany a steak, with chips and a crispy coleslaw.

They would also be delicious in a Toastie Pie (or straight from the jar as some of their clients like to eat them). Peter Gordon (of The Providores and Kopapa), and the chefs of the Modern Kitchen have been known to pop by the stall once or twice. Eat where Chefs eat is my motto…


My favourite aspect of the Chutneys are the real ingredients listed on the side – no E numbers and no weird preservatives but proper background spices – coriander, vinegar, chilli and cloves. Once bought they last kept in a dark place, unopened for up to a year, and opened in the fridge for 3 months – though I’m not sure how that could happen.

Don’t just take my word for it. Pop on by their stall at Broadway Market on a Saturday (they are situated in the School Yard around the corner from the main market) and you can nibble before you buy. The only problem was deciding which one! I wasn’t the only one – a lot of people who were visiting the stall walked away with 2 or 3). Flavours change with the seasons & good fruit and there seems to be no lead flavour as yet, people can’t quite settle for just the one pot. There are rumours of a Mexican Mango Chutney in summer.

It’s surprisingly easy to get to the market where ‘barra’ boys have been selling
produce since the 1890s, the nearest rail stations are London Fields (a few
minutes walk away, 10 minutes to Liverpool Street) Haggerston on the London
Overground and Hackney Central near the Empire. The nearest tube station is
Bethnal Green & from there it is 2-3 stops on the bus & a wander away. If you can’t get to London, I believe that an etsy/mail order method is being developed. Watch this space.

They also occasionally have a bowl of feijoas for sale on the stall (dependent on availability, ripeness and demand) … do you need any more reasons?

What is your favourite way to eat Chutney? In box, with a fox, in a house or with a mouse, here there or anywhere – no wait, that’s Green Eggs and Ham, Actually, a bit of Chutneys would go really well with them… I wonder where I can get my hands on some green food dye.

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