Kiwi Treats – Tesco Hammersmith

Every ex-pat knows ‘that’ point when you begin dreaming of home goodies that you either can’t get, or are extortionately expensive. For Americans it seems to be Reese’s Pieces and proper Mountain Dew, Canadians decent Maple syrup, Germans proper bread and sausages and Brits seem to miss Jaffa Cakes and Real Ale.

I occasionally make Kiwi treats such as Bacon & Egg Pie, Ginger Crunch Slice and Sweetcorn Fritters, but some things you just can’t use English ingredients and substitutions as they aren’t quite the same.

Problem solved! Nestled in amongst the ‘World Foods’ section of Tescos in Hammersmith, between the Caribbean and Asian section are glorious glorious Kiwi & Australian treats. They are still fairly pricey (not quite the £1.75 TimTams my local supermarket stocked for awhile), but a bit better than a lot of the speciality stores, and if you live near by you can use the excuse of running out of milk. Hang on, even if you live miles away…

I didn’t spot the proper malted biscuits for Lolly Cake, but the UK ones work ok, and they stock Eskimos which is the most important ingredient.

There’s a beautiful word in the Welsh language that means, although not literally, ‘homesick’ – it is ‘hiraeth’ and it’s often translated as ‘a longing.’  Tesco Hammersmith, you aren’t a beautiful building but you have distracted me from that feeling of hiraeth that crops up occasionally.

It’s super easy to find, 5 mins from Hammersmith tube station and about 10 mins from Shepheds Bush Tube Station, the Tesco is located about half way along Shepherds bush Road (the stretch between Hammersmith Road and Goldhawk Road).

Handily, the Picadilly line from Heathrow stops at Hammersmith station, so you need never run out – fly in, buy Tomato Sauce & Watties Onion Soup. Who needs homesickness?

If you are an expat reader, what do you miss? Have you found any random stores that stock your favourites? In England, a lot of Jamaican stores stock Milo which is handy.

“Just popping out to Tescos dear…”

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