Neon prancing around Battersea Park, the best way to run a 5k

I never thought I would see this day. The day when I, the girl who hid from any kind of sport at school, would get excited about running 5km. For fun.

It goes to show just how much I’ve changed, how my world has changed since blogging, how awesome my mates are and the lure that being allowed to wear Neon has.

A short wander from Battersea Station were I met Mrs K., we admired the startline before being ushered into the warm-up hall where we were given Neon Orange T-Shirts, a head lamp and a lamp/torch on a  lanyard.

(Pre-race jitters and packing. Yes, those are neon yellow gloves!)

In the striking Battersea Evolution halls, myself and the lovely Mrs K. chilled, painted on our warpaint, got amped & warmed up, and were cheered on by the lovely Olympic Gold-Medallist Nicola Adams before being released to wage our respective 5 and 10km races on Battersea.

Aaaand we’re off!

Check out our sexy headlamps!

Armed with our headlamps, hundreds of cones marking out the course and hundreds of fantastic stewards we slogged it out. Step after step, in the rain we persevered.

We made our way along the track to the pumped music, yells of encouragement and beauty of running along side the lit up bank of the Thames flanked by the Albert Bridge & Chelsea Bridge.

I’m not going to lie, it was really hard work. Neither of us have managed to get to the gym in ages despite the best of intentions, but we both knew that simply finishing it was going to be worth it. We also managed to knock 10 minutes off last years Race for Life.

Proudly clutching my celebratory Carrot and medal!

Mrs K. is as camera shy as me, but I couldn’t not share the above grin.

I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy to see a building as we were at the end of the course. All dolled up in after-party mode, they began spinning some great tunes, handing out goodie bags, drinks and snacks a-plenty as we stretched our tired muscles and admired our medals.

Props to Boutique Sport who really looked after us noobs; Bean bags, make-up tables laden with Neon warpaint and all sorts of goodies;

 How wet was it you ask? Thankfully 90% of the course was on paths.


What it has done is proven that we can do it, and fired up excitement for the next one. We must be nuts!! There is some serious work to be done though, especially if I’m to achieve my 101 in 1001 goals of running a full 5k & completing a 10k.

Fancy joining me & Mrs K. on the 2014 run? Details are here (for the record I’m not comped, just like to share the love).

What did you enjoy doing over the weekend?

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