Shrimpy’s – Petrol Station food, with a difference: Restaurant Review

What do a Pineapple flavoured decor, a BP Garage, Mariachis, Kings Cross, Frickles and American style food have in common?

Have you guessed yet? Why, it was a brunch destination last month for myself and the lovely Kit at What a Peach who puts up with my random emails.

In the newly re-developing area behind King’s Cross, Shrimpy’s is touted as a ‘destination restaurant’ serving up cheeky American classics. The building is a converted petrol station, wrapped by the architects Carmody Groarke in a translucent illuminated fibre-glass walls in order to create a (semi-permanent) struture, a bubble protected from the busy Kings Cross Station across the Road.

It’s a much more warming interior, painted a soft pink with american cartoons painted on the walls and pineapple decorations (I absoloutely want the below ornament).

Enough rabbiting about the decorations I hear you say, lets adjourn to the food served. With my voracious sweet tooth, I chose the Ricotta Pancakes with a peanut butter disc, and me oh my. They were light, crisp, doughy and creamy in the centre, and more than worth the minute wander from Kings Cross Station.

Kit ordered the scrumptious looking chilaquiles which she rather enjoyed accompanied by a beautiful looking Bloody Mary.

We were also recommended to order a wee side; sadly the tempura fryer was out of action (fried pickles) so we decided to check out the potato latkes. Carb-city for sure, but they were perfectly cooked and seasoned (and fantastic for mopping up a hangover).

It’s well worth checking out, slightly higher priced than your average bear run of the mill bruncher, but the flavours made it well worth it. The best part was the attentive (but not overbearing) service and watching all of the creations coming out of the kitchen.

In case you’re wondering about the name, as I was, it references the creators Waddington and Flack’s muse; a fictional spinster called ‘Shrimpy’ who they met on an imaginary road trip down the west coast of the Americas. With a mostly fish based evening menu, you can certainly see the influences here.

They have a lovely courtyard overlooking the canal too – sadly the Shrimpy’s menu doesn’t extend out there during summer, but they do Cocktails and Pizza.


Best quote I read “Shrimpy’s is cute, inventive, and well aware of its own absurdity.”

It does get busy, so I’d recommend going early, or booking and they don’t take cash. Roughly each month they also have a Mariachi band serenade the Sunday brunchers, but we were warned to book early by our waitress as it’s really popular.


For further details check out their website (there were no comps, and they don’t know who I am) or maybe their neighbours Caravan if Kiwi-style brunching is more your thing (Sweetcorn Fritters and unctious Brownie anyone?)


What is your favourite American style dish? Gumbo, Quesedilla’s, Philly Cheesesteaks, Margueritas?

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