10 Things I love about London

London is a gorgeous, cantankerous, sprawling behemoth of a city, and as if you couldn’t tell already, it’s stolen my heart (though I will always be a Kiwi all the way down to my wide feet and toes).

1. The Architecture
From a 7th-century Saxon arch (All Hallows Church), to 20th Century cheesegraters.

2. Ease of public travel
I’m not talking here about commuting, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. But, you can move thousands of people across the whole city in less than an hour. That’s something special. (Also read 10 signs you’re becoming a Londoner & let me know how you scored!)

3. Food, glorious food
The capital has such variety. Everything is here – Mexican, Peruvian, South Asian, Sri Lankan, Czech, Kiwi – you name it, and I bet you can find it. Since living in London I have also ‘invented’ Bressert. You could almost never run out of restaurants of pubs – in fact I reckon you could write a blog “365 days of London restaurants and pubs”. Let me know if you want company.

4. The right to drive sheep across London Bridge
Needless to say I’m just waiting for my turn.

5. Iconic landmarks, famous around the world
It seems like you stumble across them all the time, from double decker busses and Buckingham Palace to Big Ben and St Pauls. It’s a weird thought that international icons are your work-day neighbours and the excitement that you initially have fades over time to annoyance at the traffic they can cause…

6. Curries
Ohemgee. You aren’t a proper expat until you have fallen in love with an anglo-indian curry. My absolute favourite? Lamb Saag (spinach) Gosht with Mushroom rice and a Peshwari (nutty) Naan. So bad for you, but oh so good.

7. Friends
You can be whoever you want to be, there will be a group of friends somewhere. I’ve just discovered something – typing ‘friends’ into my blog search bar brings up 8 pages of results. I’m very blessed with people who put up with me.

8. History
Need I say more?

9. Traditions
The very fabric of London is steeped in age-old traditions. From the c.3,000 year old marker of central London, to Hot Cross Buns and International Pillow Fight days.

This spot is for you fellow Londoners/ex-Londoners. What have I missed off my list??

Oh, the places we will go!

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