Attendant – Coffee recommendation

“I had a coffee in a toilet today” I exclaim to my long-suffering husband. “Oh, that’s nice, did it taste good?” was his laconic reply.

It seems I’ve lost the power to surprise him anymore.

It’s a fun place to grab a coffee, or surprise a friend and the best part? The coffee is tremendous.

The attendant is a Victorian gents loo that has been repurposed into a stonking coffee shop to match the high standard of local coffee shops. The converted scrubbed-to-within-an-inch-of-their-porcelain-life urinals line the walls, and have had benches sunk into them all the better to enjoy a caffeine pick me up (their coffee hit supplied by delicious Caravan). I didn’t have time to try any nibbles, but they look really good.

Yes, it’s a bit of a novelty, but it’s funky and very well pulled off, much better than the carbon copy chain coffee houses. The barista staff are really helpful and friendly, and the owners have turned a iron-elephant into a usable creative space.

There is even outside service connected to a bell if you can’t tear yourself away from the sunshine.

I thought there might be a chance I’d feel squeamish, but there was absolutely nothing. Everything gleams with cleanliness – in fact it’s probably cleaner than your average chain store coffee shop that gets rammed with office workers, touching everything with their grimy, greasy mitts.

The old toilet units actually make really cool decorations, with all of their ironmongery intact. It is rather weird as a girl to actually be able to use a urinal. There’s a first time for everything right?

They’ve also kept the original tiling which is beautiful. It’s pretty easy to find, down the stairs outside the Crown & Sceptre Pub on the corner of Foley and Great Titchfield Street. They quite often Tweet the delicious things they have on the day’s menus. They do brunch on the weekends, but with 8 single urinal seats and a bigger table at the end, you might need to get there early. For further info go here.

Best way to spend a penny (sorryimnotsorry). 

What is the weirdest place you’ve eaten/imbibed? 

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