Bluebird – Restaurant Review

In the heart of Sloaney Kings Road (read: ridiculously posh London), where all the characters from Made in Chelsea hang, is a funky café that upon first impression promised a lot.

Decorated funkily, with primary colours adorning the walls, groupings of individual plates painted and mounted, and some really interesting light fixtures, we sat down and were prepared to eat a delicious, recommended brunch.

I’m afraid for us Bluebird was a pretty, damp squib. I try to be fair about everything, and don’t like to play a downer, but at the end of the day I’m honest.

My Eggs Benedict without muffins (tomatoes substituted) looked a little lacklustre, but to be honest the ones that did have muffins were just as sad – it looked as though they had dropped by their local supermarket to pick them up.

They say that you eat with your eyes first and your nose second. It was also fairly pricey, which we had expected, but not for such ok food. £9 for my Eggs Bene (which I could have made a home for £2.00?), and £4.50 for an Iced Coffee.  Eggs Royale (with Salmon were £11.00 and not much improvement). In London, eating somewhere nice, you expect to pay around £7-8 but you expect a little more for your buck. The plate was also the size of a large side plate.

The service was a little slow despite quite a few staff, and much to our disappointment very inflexible – you are given an extensive menu, but it’s not apparent that actually you can only have one corner of it; but that in around an hours time you could have the rest. Ice Cream was cheekily requested, and the serving staff’s bosses said no. I could understand if it was Beef Wellington, but a couple of scoops? Their loss.

It surprised us because you would think that being the Sloaney set, they must get spoilt brats all the time with their Nannies, and occasionally wheeled out by the jewelry dripping second/third wives, and would want to be more flexible, especially with the menu prices they charge.

Would I recommend you go? Not really. The Lawn is set up in Wimbledon season with big screens and could be great fun, but we were disappointed. Our experience was all style over substance I’m afraid.

They did have a magnificent collection of wall mounted dinner plates which made me smile. Small things, I know.

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