Browns – Restaurant Recommendation

You know how sometimes you have a work thing, and just assume the food will be pricey, but just ok? Oh, how I was wrong.

This brownie alone (temporarily) ruined my diet. It was my downfall.

Described simply on the menu as:

Ginger and Milk Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream 

I don’t want to get too crazytown on you, this was just as a pudding dessert brownie should be. Fudgy, indulgent, gorgeous and a warm hint of Ginger following at the end. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

I wasn’t wowed by the mains, and trying to stick to our low-carb regime was really hard without having the chicken breast, which would defeat the purpose of eating out at a nice restaurant. I ended up throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and ordered the Browns Burger – Two 4oz beef burgers with cheddar, crispy bacon, pico de Gallo salsa and apple and celeriac slaw.

It came fully loaded, with onion rings, gherkins, sour cream and relish; accompanied by enchanting chips. I guess you can take the Fish & Chip shop owners daughter out of New Zealand, but you can’t remove her roots entirely. Beautifully seasoned, they were my favourite part of the main, which is a little bit sad really.

We really enjoyed their extensive cocktail menu (and generous happy hour) they really were happiness in a glass;  we all shared (so we could try them all) refreshing Elderflower & Cucumber Collins, Coconut Daiquiris, untraditional Lemonades and their Raspberry Cherry Collins.

They were divine!


Eating out several times recently, I think I may need to adopt a new strategy when ordering in a restaurant. I’ve been in a few where the appetizers are simply appealing more than the fairly solid mains (or eating with girls who don’t want to appear like they actually eat). Maybe I should have two flirtatious courses of starters, thereby leaving more than enough room for dessert. Hmmmm.


I think a repeat visit is necessary – maybe even brunch, but only if they’ll let me have a brownie for bressert.


Grand, welcoming and containing a brass pole outside the downstairs low, we loved our evening here.

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