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With summer beginning to show her face, us UK-folk are finally beginning to turn our pasty shade-of-blue skin and vitamin-D deficiencies around – which calls for a quick ice cream recipe! 

Quick Ice Cream Recipe

My recipe sharings are usually pretty eclectic, and don’t really follow much of a rhyme or reason, but it’s really because that’s the kind of cook I am. I like to follow a recipe the first time, and then in future add a pinch of this, or a smidge of that to adapt things to how I like them. I also dislike recipes that call for crazily rare or expensive ingredients that you’re never going to use again

May I present my current favourite recipe which was something of a lightbulb moment when I was missing the frosty goodness of ice cream (perfect for when Mr Whippy is on holiday still.):

Quick Ice Cream Recipe

Approx. 220kcal per serving (nb: calculated using 2% Fat thick Greek yoghurt)


Approx 200g Thick Greek Yoghurt
A tsp light Agave or your chosen Sweetner
A tsp Cocoa powder (I’ve opted for low-fat unsweetened, but anything will work) or smooth hot chocolate powder

  1. Mix everything thoroughly together in a freezer-proof ramekin.
  2. Freeze, stirring every half hour until frozen, My freezer takes about 1.5hrs in total.
  3. Enjoy guilt free.

That’s it – simplicity within itself. As with most of my recipes and cooking, it’s fully customisable – I’d add bashed fruit (strawberry, kiwifruit, banana, orange, lemon, cherries…) to add a few vitamins, flavourings (I personally love peppermint essence, vanilla, coffee melted in a touch of hot water…) or anything you have in your cupboards (coconut, nuts – though watch your teeth, raisins, smooth peanut butter…) The results are only as limited as your imagination.

Nb: When looking at yoghurts, steer for the 2% fat rather than the 0% fat, as the 0% freezes too fast & gets ice crystals in it.

Perfect for sitting in the garden and enjoying.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? I’m a Rum ‘n Raisin girl, hands down.

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Quick Ice Cream Recipe At Home

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