Kew Gardens

There are two tourist attractions that I whole heartedly think are worth queueing and paying for (oh, and the London Eye at twilight). One of them, the Tower of London features priceless Diamonds & Sapphires, Murder, Kings, Queens, 1000 years of
history, Ravens, Torture & Beefeaters.  Worth half a day and £20ish? Definitely.

Kew Gardens is amazing, and absolutely worth the full price of admission. I don’t even bother looking for deals (though they quite often have them) that’s how much I enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like gardens, there is something for everyone.

I am absolutely no good with plants. The cat reminds me to feed her, but plants just slowly, accusingly, wither away. It’s nice to see that I’m in the minority. Perhaps my admission fee karmically makes up for all the plants I’ve killed over the years (there is only one I managed to keep alive, and that’s because it lived on my desk and most of the times that I took a sip of water from my glass I’d feed the plant).

Kew gardens. I’ve been about 5 times, and every single time we go I am amazed at the skill, the size, and the variety.

Take a picnic (the food in there is tourist trap prices), wander around the garden, say hi to the friendly inhabitants (the peacocks and squirrels in particular) and just enjoy.

Top tip: It does get busy on the weekends so the queue can be pretty horrendous – don’t use the main entrance near the train station. Walk another 5 minutes and use one of the better gates. You’ll thank me.

Once you get inside though, the gardens are so expansive you’ll feel like you have it to youself except for the childrens areas *shudder*.

Forget the Chelsea Flower Show. This is where it’s at.

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