(Mostly) Wordless Friday

The week included a group of lovely Kiwi ladies and a sumptuously decorated Moroccan restaurant…


A disappointingly end of season game for the nephews, but such an amusing player bio, it almost made up for it –

It’s nice to see SheBu (Shepherds Bush) is going up in the world (though I still wouldn’t want to drink champagne at the ‘Champagne & Oyster bar’!) –

.. where I stumbled upon possibly the worlds most pointless kitchen utensil – by the time you washed the darned thing, you may as well have used a knife. I quite often use a spoon & then eat my cereal with it (Washing up saving tip of the week?) –

I made some tasty bread- who says diet food is boring?

Drank some delicious Moroccan coffee (with after notes of Cinnamon mmmm)

Sent the personalised foodie parcel to my reader Liza of the Thank You competition, who seems really happy with it (it was quite a challenge to select as she’s a very disciplined health food lover),

…and a caught a glimpse of a prehistoric equine landmark. As you do.


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